About Us

About Us

Blessings of Gau Mata are used to construct Ghee

Our company, Vastu Dairy, is a subsidiary of Shree Radhe Dairy Farm & Foods Limited We were founded in 2010. With more than 2000 distributors and 40000 retailers in 21+ Indian states, we owe our success to the Mother Cow (holy Gau Mata) and our entire team, who have helped us become the fastest-developing business in India. After years of performing on the shelves of offline stores, our company is now also available online. We are serving our customers with quick delivery to their homes and ease of ordering with our range of Vastu Pure Cow Ghee Jar, Cow Ghee Jar, Pure Cow Ghee Pouch, Vastu Cow Ghee Tin, Vastu Gold Desi Ghee, etc.
About Us


We are consistently working hard with one common goal and that is to contribute in the growth of our country. To achieve this we will focus on growth Expansion of our organization and will also ensure growth of all our channel partners & Stake holders. This will help of us to generate maximum employment for this country.

Each member of our team should be happy & achieve meaningful growth in their personal as well as professional life. We believe in formal practices of business & will do business ethically & ensure that our organization pays all possible taxes to government.


We offer a concise range of products in form of the best quality and purest Ghee available in the market, which are available in volumes ranging from 100 ml packs to 15 kg variants, provided in packaging options like plastic jars, PP packets and Tin Boxes. Mentioned below are the products that we offer:
  • Vastu Pure Ghee - Cow
  • Vastu Pure Ghee - Regular
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