Vastu Pure Cow Ghee (Jar)
With the mantra of surity for purity, Shree Radhe Dairy Farm & Foods Pvt. Ltd. brings forward Vastu pure cow ghee (jar). Customers can buy from us pure, thick, organic and sweet tasting ghee in packs of 100ml, 200ml, 1ltr and 5ltr.
Vastu Pure Ghee (Pouch)
If you do not want to buy ghee in tin or jars, then try Vastu pure ghee (pouch). We make available ghee in pouches of 500ml and 1ltr. You will find the taste of offered ghee as homemade ghee.
Vastu Pure Ghee (Tin)
Vastu Pure Ghee (Tin) is for those who use ghee more often, in cooking, rubbing on chapattis and adding to their bowl of lentils. This ghee can be used for months, without any worry about the freshness and quality of ghee.
Vastu Regular Ghee jar
Ghee is considered to be a rich source of many nutrients hence using Vastu Regular Ghee for preparing various dishes will provide you all those nutrients that are needed for proper growth of your body.

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